Thursday, August 07, 2008

Jane and David

Dean was a superb guide and driver for us in Bali.

Not only does he know the best out of the way places, but his encyclopedic knowledge of the country he knows and loves means that he can find anything you want, from a fantastic vegetarian restaurant with views, to a local temple celebration where there are no other tourists !

He is discreet, polite and well prepared for everything, and happily shares local customs and culture for those who are interested !

A note – although he knows all the best restaurants, his own personal favourite is McDonalds for a really special treat !!

We were lucky enough to get a late booking with Dean, and we also met and were chauffeured by some of his team of drivers, all of whom were as charming as Dean himself !

Zila, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Superlative Driver

Dean is the finest driver in Bali suits his maxim "Drivers with Distinction". He with his team drivers gave us the most wonderful experience and gives us good deliberation of Bali and its ethnicity. Although most of us woke late for our tour but his jovial face still delight us with unsurpassed tour. Traveling with a group of 16 jolly youngsters is quite thorny but fun and full of excitement. We will definitely come back to Bali next year and do hopes that you are not oblige to meet us and drive us around! Zila & acquaintances