Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mike and Marie, New Zealand

We had the pleasure of travelling with Dean for five days in May 06. He is a great driver who takes you to the places you want to go and also suggests the places you might want to see. He also speaks good English and is not pushy. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he goes out of his way to make your holiday special. We trusted him completly and would recommend him to everyone. We look forward to seeing him in the future. Mike & Marie Napier, New Zealand.

Sdean - Malaysia

I and family were holidaying in Bali at end of May. Someone in the Bali forum suggest me to hire Dean for my trip and guess what? I never regret of my choice.

He was so honest, trustworthy and caring. Even my 8-month infant was well handled by him (usually my infant will cry loudly when someone other than her family try to hold her).

One think we never forgot was getting his assistance to get me a rental car for self diving. Guess what, he managed to get me the car at almost 60% of what the hotel offered. He did not even try to mark up the price although I told him earlier of the hotel’s quote. On the other hand, he sourced around for a cheaper rate.

We hired him for two days and we manage to cover most of the interesting places in Bali. He did not even complaints and most of the times accommodate our requests rather than dictating things to his convenience as most other drivers did.

If I’m in Bali again, this “driver with distinction” will definitely my choice.

Sdean - Malaysia

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Gress Family - Germany, USA and Singapore

We traveled to Bali in February 2006 and it was the best holiday we have had so far. We were so lucky to have Dean as our driver. Not only was he an excellent driver, he showed us the real Bali. He answered all of our questions and told us what it means to be from Bali. He took us to places that other drivers wouldn’t have. Our best experience was being able to walk through the rice fields and see how the people of Bali live. He also took us into the home of a Balinese family and explained to us the importance of family in Bali. Even after our trip to Bali, we still remain friends with Dean and we hope to return to Bali soon to see him. Dean truly is Bali’s best driver!!

The Gress Family – Alex, Stephanie, Manfred & Erika – Germany, USA and Singapore

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A message from Dean

If you would like to book Dean, Driver with Distinction, Dean asks you please to contact him direct rather than asking hotel receptions, etc. If you do book through your hotel reception, please be aware to also confirm directly with Dean for the booking, to ensure you are actually getting the 'real Dean' and not the hotel's drivers! He also has 'distinctive' :-) logos on his car, as in the photo below. Thanks!

Mobile/SMS for Dean is : 081 8344 807, the international dialling code for Bali is +62, making the number +6281 8344 807