Monday, August 07, 2006

Gary and Trudy, Brisbane, Australia

Dean is our friend!
The first time we went to Bali, we were lucky enough to hire Dean. Now we are Bali addicts. Even our teenage sons can't get enough of the place. Some of this addiction is due to Dean.
He has this innate ability to be able to make anyone comfortable around him. His enthusiasm and sense of humour are infectious. Add this to the fact that he is 100% honest and just an all-round nice guy, and you can't help having a great holiday.
Gary and I are now what most people would call "well travelled" but Dean is by far and away the best person we have ever hired the services of, while travelling. His service is world class.
He is probably one of only a few people I have ever met, who is doing the job he was meant to do. He really enjoys what he does and this transfers to his clients. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Gary and Trudy Whinnett