Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sdean - Malaysia

I and family were holidaying in Bali at end of May. Someone in the Bali forum suggest me to hire Dean for my trip and guess what? I never regret of my choice.

He was so honest, trustworthy and caring. Even my 8-month infant was well handled by him (usually my infant will cry loudly when someone other than her family try to hold her).

One think we never forgot was getting his assistance to get me a rental car for self diving. Guess what, he managed to get me the car at almost 60% of what the hotel offered. He did not even try to mark up the price although I told him earlier of the hotel’s quote. On the other hand, he sourced around for a cheaper rate.

We hired him for two days and we manage to cover most of the interesting places in Bali. He did not even complaints and most of the times accommodate our requests rather than dictating things to his convenience as most other drivers did.

If I’m in Bali again, this “driver with distinction” will definitely my choice.

Sdean - Malaysia


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