Monday, June 26, 2006

Abhishek Sinha, Bangalore, India

I was travelling alone to Bali and Dean was a wonderful find. You can find him all over the net, send a mail to him and he will respond and take care of your car bookings.

The best part is that he hasn't just put his name on the web , for namesake, He does respond to your emails and calls you about the final dates/arrival etc. If he is not available, he will get another driver for you ( In my case he got me puttu who was as amazing as Dean is).

The time I spend with Dean was amazing and he made my visit to bali a pleasant one.

He can speak good english so you are assured that you can have a decent conversation about anything at all with him. He showed me some of the best places around, took me to one of the most scenic resturants in bali. He is quite well informed about whats happening around bali and could teach a university class on bali culture.

I would recommend Dean and puttu to anyone who wants to goto Bali and have a lovely time. The island is pretty peaceful and is as beautiful as ever. Here are pictures of Dean and Puttu that I took while I was there.

Abhishek Sinha, Bangalore, India


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